why do we do that?

Because we love what we do, always with the goal of creating something extraordinary and beautiful through our products.

Try new ways. Away from the ordinary. And with every design, every new development, always feeling that tingle and wondering: Will our customers and friends like the watch as much as we do when they see it?

We hope that when you have bought one of our watches, you sometimes look at it after some time, you smile and think: "Oh, that was a good buy." That's our motivation. our clock jump

The idea for our own watch creations was created over the past years. Always traveling professionally in different cities, away from home, sometimes we just had homesickness. We lacked our roots, the Ruhr area with its people and vibrant life. A bit of home, or places we identify with, on the way, that's what we thought. Unfortunately, we did not find anything that convinced us. So the motto was: do it yourself!

Because just as we identify with our homeland, so will other people with their homelands. Or with your favorite places, the place of your first trip together, and and and. There are so many reasons that make a place a special place ... clock area makes it possible for you not only to carry these places in the heart but also on your wrist ... always close to you, always in view. Hardly anything that we carry with us every day is more personal than our wristwatch. She always communicates with our skin more than just the time.

For some it is an expression of their lifestyle, for the others a commodity, the next sees in it a status symbol and another simply wants it to be reliable. Of course, there are even more facets that are important to us when choosing a watch.

But one thing is certain: As individual as the wearer or the wearer, just as individual are the requirements for a watch. Our goal was clear: To create a wristwatch that symbolizes the identification of the wearer and the wearer with a city or region, is technically mature, is designed in a contemporary design and offers the highest possible number of customization options.

In order to implement this development in the best quality, we work together in a team of very talented people of various origins. This is how we manage to achieve the best possible combination of beautiful design, functionality and quality. We are happy if you accompany us on this journey and help shape it with your feedback, suggestions and suggestions for improvement.